Metal Roof Replacement

Replace your roof with a low-maintenance and highly durable option. Call (207) 212-0938 to book an appointment.

Hire the Right Roofers for Metal Roof Replacement in Western and Central, ME

Sometimes roof repair isn’t the most cost-effective solution. Are you considering a metal roof replacement for your home? Choose standing seam metal roofing for complete peace of mind. At Maine Exterior Pros, our team of reputable roofing professionals based in Hebron offers expert installation of standing seam metal roofing in Western & Central Maine. Metal roofing materials come in various colors and design styles. You’re sure to find the perfect replacement roof that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and property value. Call us today to receive a free estimate for your roof replacement.

Our Standing Seam Metal Roofing Options

Standing seam metal roofing mechanical lock: Mechanical double lock 20" panels. Smooth or striated panel profiles with 20 stock colors, and 15 more premium color options. These roofing systems feature edges that line up together. We hold them in place using a mechanical seam. Choose a roofing material better than your existing roofing. Call us today to discuss the differences in more detail.

Why Choose Standing Seam for Your Metal Roof Replacement?

High Energy Efficiency

As with other metal roofing, standing seam metal roofs do a fantastic job regulating your home’s temperature. With standing seam metal roofing installed, your roof can reflect the sun and keep your heating and cooling bills down.

Excellent Longevity

You can expect excellent life expectancy from a modern standing seam metal roofing system. Most of them last a lifetime.

Excellent Durability

Standing seam metal roofs are a highly durable type of metal roofing. The concealed fasteners we use in holding them in place add to the durability.

Design Flexibility

Standing seam metal roofs come in a wide range of features. You can choose from a wide range of colors, widths, lengths, and thickness.

Choose Hebron’s Experts in Standing Seam Metal Roof Replacement

Choose experienced roofing experts equipped to offer the guidance you need for your project. Call Maine Exterior Pros today at (207) 212-0938 to get a free estimate on your metal roof replacement project in Hebron, ME.

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Do you have any questions about roofing repairs or replacement? Are you looking for a company you can trust on your next project? Maine Exterior Pro's is the company for you. Call (207) 212-0938 to schedule an appointment with Maine Exterior Pro's today. Find out why we are the premier roofing company in Hebron, South Paris, Poland, Turner, Livermore, Minot, Oxford, Norway, Gray, Windham, Raymond, ME.

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